Today we are happy to introduce you the latest version of FMovies - the ultimate free streaming site with more than a decade of activity in this industry. Even if the website is visited by millions of people every month, just a few of them know the most important infos about it so we've written this article with the most essential things that you should know before watching movies on our streaming platform. It's not mandatory to know this stuff, but maybe you want to take a break from watching movies for a few minutes and you can learn some curiosities about the streaming sites in general. Below it's a paragraph with a short description of FMovies and its best features and now we are talking a little bit about the story behind it.

We are a team of streaming fans and movie enthusiasts who used to watch movies online many years ago just like you. At that time there weren't so many streaming sites as they are today and those were offering low quality content. It was a moment when we knew that we could offer higher quality movies and series than everyone else and we decided to create our own platform where we can our friends can watch series online. The first years of activity on FMovies were pretty rough because we've been through a lot of problems and we needed to learn everything from scratches but we've made it. After 2 years, FMovies was already a big streaming platform with tens of thousands of movies and series in its collection and more people started to visit us. Many publishes written articles about our site, the fans spread the word around and we reached a few millions of visitors monthly which made us very happy.

FMovies started as a completely free project and that's how it will remain forever. Even if we are offering the most qualitative streaming services in the world, we are not going to ask you for anything in return. We think that everyone should have the right to watch movies and series online free in HD quality without registration on the free streaming sites as long as they already pay for an internet subscription. We don't want to make you waste time while creating an account on FMovies and that's why all our database is free to watch for any guest visitors. You can still register only if you want to join our community and benefit of some extra features.

Even if FMovies is one of the oldest streaming websites, it never was very popular probably because people preferred to watch their favorite movies and tv shows on sites like 123Movies or ProjectFreeTv. But this fact is now going to change because we are determined to make FMovies the most popular streaming site and we are working hard for this. The new FMovies website was created recently and even so we already uploaded nearly 60.000 episodes from 2000 tv shows, 10.000 movies and more to come. Every movie or tv show has been published in HD quality and we are doing our best to provide all the content without any kind of advertisement. This is not possible all the time but we are really struggling to do so. We know how important is to get access to the latest episodes from your favorite tv shows and that's why we are updating our database daily so you can watch the new episodes within a few minutes after they are released by their network. All the content is sorted with categories and genres and many other filters so it is very easy to browse through our collection. If you can't find what you are looking for, just use the searchbox and type in the name of your movie or show. FMovies's design theme is very modern and intuitive, with logo and a beautiful color scheme so it is very easy to use it and also to recognize it in case someone will try to copy the FMovies brand. Because many users requested this option, recently we've implemented the Dark Mode if you rather prefer this than the brighter version. It is very helpful especially at night when the light seems to be too powerful and the dark design will help you to relax your eyes.